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It is known as "the most beautiful Land Rover" when it comes on the market, integrating exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious appearance and wild internal organs

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The most beautiful Land Rover car. Seeing this name, I believe many Land Rover fans should know which car we are talking about today. Land Rover has always been a representative of hardliners, off-road vehicles and large SUVs in the eyes of outsiders. How can it relate to the word "beauty"? Come to see me in detail.

The first time range rover Galaxy appeared was in London. At that time, no one thought that Land Rover would actually mass produce such a concept car. At that time, when we first appeared in the auto show, the media and car critics were full of praise. The beautiful body lines, the design of appearance details, and the technology wind of the interior all the time were not impacting our vision. The founder's Land Rover family design incorporates a touch of mellow elements, which not only does not break the style of its own family design, but also makes the appearance of the star vein more beautiful. The design of the floating roof makes him extremely endurable. The place where the buttocks end up has a little back slip shape and full of sports sense. The design of the hidden door handle plays a key role in the beautiful appearance of the car Then he showed his high-end sense of technology.

Since the concept car appeared before, the interior must be full of sense of technology. When entering the car, you can see the two cool screens. The above one not only has some regular functions, but also displays some information about the working conditions of the vehicle when driving, which can ensure the safety of the personnel in self driving and long distance running. More importantly, it can adjust the screen angle To effectively deal with the problem of sitting reflector, the screen below is to adjust the settings of vehicle mode and air conditioning, etc., and the six modes let you go wherever you want.

Windsor leather materials are used for the normal touch of the interior. Diamond shape is also used for a large number of stitches. Of course, these advanced materials give a comfortable driving experience, needless to say

Introduce so many feel his beauty you want to think he is an embroidered pillow? That's a big mistake. The 3.0T supercharged engine will tell you that although this is the most beautiful Land Rover, its essence is still a Land Rover. With a deep foot of accelerator, you can know that there is an explosive heart hidden under his usually dignified appearance. In addition, the adjustable air suspension carried by the vehicle itself can also give it a better driving sense, and the powerful off-road performance of the range rover family has been inherited by the star pulse. The maximum wading depth is 650mm, and the new terrain feedback system... These can make you almost anywhere you want to go.

If you happen to love Land Rover, you want to buy a car for 60W, you want to buy a good car with excellent brand, comfortable driving and full sense of technology, then you might as well test drive this beautiful Land Rover with wild heart.

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