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Is parallel import car cost-effective? How is the performance?

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  In recent years, more and more parallel import vehicles have appeared on the road, and many people now prefer parallel import vehicles, because parallel import vehicles are more cost-effective than 4S stores, and there are many advantages. Let's take a look at its advantages!


1. Save the waste of resources in the middle link

Generally, parallel imported cars are about 10% - 20% cheaper than domestic 4S stores. Of course, different models have different prices. The lowest configuration of the same model may only differ by several thousand yuan, but the difference between medium and high configurations is more than one hundred thousand yuan. The reason why the price difference is so large is that the domestic consumers get asymmetric information. Consumers only know that the overseas price is far from the domestic guide price, but they don't know why. What we are doing now is to make the purchase information transparent and tell the consumers what the price of the car you bought includes. For example, if you see an American car, you can find the price of the naked car on the American website, and then you can calculate by yourself, the price of the naked Car + 25% tariff + 17% value-added tax + consumption tax, freight, and so on, and you can roughly calculate the required expenses. The same is the vehicle from the headquarters of overseas manufacturers to the port of China. Part of the vehicle enters the general dealer designated by the brand official, then reaches the local dealer, and then reaches the consumers; the other part is directly delivered to the consumers through us. In contrast, the latter saves several links, and also saves a lot of unnecessary human and material costs. " Shanghai Weilong famous car is directly imported from abroad, so the price will be relatively favorable compared with other families. At present, we can also use Shanghai brand, which can save you a lot of expenses.


2. Diesel version

Diesel vehicles are not the mainstream in China, and the medium-sized vehicles are rarely introduced, but there are still diesel enthusiasts. In this way, parallel imports once again meet the needs of such consumers. For example, discover Shenxing diesel, hegemonic diesel, cayenne diesel, etc. There is always a diesel car for you. Not only in the starting price is relatively low, later loss is also more cost-effective, suitable for such needs of diesel enthusiasts.


In fact, the performance to price ratio of parallel import vehicles is very high compared with the standard cars, and the performance of parallel import vehicles is also relatively good. If you have the intention to buy parallel import vehicles, you can comment or leave a message with your contact information, or call us for consultation, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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